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What is Rayforce?

  • It is a portable physiotherapy device, about the size and weight of a typical remote control.

  • The near-infrared rays and magnetic fields emitted by Rayforce help relax stiff muscles, dilate blood vessels, and improve blood circulation.

  • You can experience the amazing effect of pain relief simply by applying it to the painful areas of the body.

  • It doesn't require electricity or batteries and can be recharged with light from lamps or sunlight, making it semi-permanently usable.

Rayforce Functions

  • Promotes the flow of energy and blood. 

  • Enhances autonomic nervous function and immunity. 

  • Strengthens the body's resistance.

  • Boosts the body's recovery ability. 

  • Aids in cellular growth activities in the body. 

  • Promotes blood flow and cleanses blood vessels.

  • By influencing the iron in the blood, it removes waste from the blood vessels and improves blood circulation.


How to Use

  • Ensure the solar cells are exposed to light and hold it so that the four pins and diodes make contact.

  • Apply Rayforce by focusing on the painful areas of the body. (area in pain)

  • For the painful area where contact causes discomfort, continue applying for at least 1 minute (depending on the symptoms), and then move to other areas as the pain subsides.​

Operating Principle

  • The medical device generates beneficial infrared light energy for the human body and uses four powerful permanent magnets to make contact with the body through pins, providing the combined effects of infrared and magnetic therapy.

  • It does not use any power source (AC, DC), making it portable and convenient for use anywhere, and suitable as a household medical device.

  • Particularly, its easy-to-use design, which requires only contact with the painful area, allows anyone to use it effortlessly. It is an award-winning product, having received a gold medal at the World Invention Exhibition.​

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